What and why?

This blog is about strategy, Clausewitzian strategy.

But its about more than just reciting what Carl von Clausewitz wrote down in On War and The Principles of War.

It is about looking at the principles he developed through different lenses and from different perspectives. It will not be a scientific analysis of his work or seeking consensus with what has already been agreed upon. It is about experimenting, having fun and discovering new things…not proving old things.

Systems theory, game theory, chaos theory, red teaming, war gaming…and much more.

The blog posts will be written from the perspective of well known strategists like von Clausewitz himself A.K.A. the Practical theorist, Hannibal Barca A.K.A. the Systemic General, Scipio Africanus A.K.A. the Stoic general, and Niccolo Machiavelli A.K.A. the Political genius.

That covers the “What”…now for the “Why”…

The “Why” is simple; we do this because von Clausewitz is awesome, and looking at his genius through different lenses and through different perspectives helps to further develop the awesomeness and practical application of his work.

Note: certain parts of his work are dry and difficult to understand…and that is something this crew is going to remedy.